Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S. is the
home of the famous
Just Oxtails Soul Food
. December 9, 2002 marked the opening
day of the 120 seat restaurant. Cooking a variety of
soul foods including fried chicken, fried fish, gumbo
and more fresh daily.
Just Oxtails Soul Food is known as the
"Soul of the City."
The Oxtails are smothered in our
world famous forty weight gravy. This is  the place
to come with a friend and an empty stomach. Other
foods on the menu will have you wondering:
can I eat a little bit  of everything?"
Kenneth was asked by a local talk show host, "Why
Oxtails?" he replied
"Oxtails are a delicacy."
Open 7 days a week from 11am - 9pm.
Catering, private events and meetings welcome.
About Us
Kenneth Washington, Owner
4207 Reed Road     Houston, TX 77051     (713) 733-8111     (713) 733-8682 fax
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“I am a Wisconsin Girl, WOW, this food is a good reason to move to Houston."