“I visited Just Oxtails for the first time on 5/18/07 and I
must say my taste buds went into a praise,
this is
true soul food
, comfort food and food that was
prepared with love. It brought back memories of great
family gatherings. The drive across town was well
worth it.”
Rillia J.
“I visited your restaurant a while back and I really
enjoyed the food.
Those sweet potatoes were the
as well as the other menu items. I only wish
that I lived in the Houston area. There would be no
more Burgers and Fries for me…
Just Soul from Just Oxtails!”
Tiffiney B.
“Whenever I have a taste for oxtails, Just Oxtails is
the place to go…I always enjoy the food and
generous portions given. Keep up the good work.
Houston needs you…”
Carol L.
Kenneth Washington
Kenneth Washington, Owner
4207 Reed Road     Houston, TX 77051     (713) 733-8111     (713) 733-8682 fax
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